The most unexpectedly killer electronic music from all around the globe.

GPR has always been about showcasing untapped talent and bettering the electronic music scene.

Jon Jordan, Owner & Founder

Gone Postal Records is an electronic music label aimed at bringing unique sounds to the forefront. We offer free promotional opportunities for artists around the world, distribute music to all major music platforms, and host a monthly online radio show.

Informally founded in 2013, GPR began to really take shape in 2019 and 2020. Over the years, the label has worked with musicians from all seven continents and has showcased electronic music of all sub-genres. Through it all, our main roster has featured incredible artists who have stuck by us as we’ve grown and found ourselves as a brand.

Beyond showcasing talented producers, the label has always aimed to be charitable as well. In 2019, GPR Charity compilation albums spearheaded the label’s fundraising efforts for various non-profit organizations. We hope to raise awareness and funding to eradicate many of the terrible elements plaguing the electronic music community – including mental health, substance abuse, relationship abuse, and domestic violence.